1. Strengthening the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Partnerships – The Alliance will work to strengthen its partnership by adding new partners to the existing numbers. It will strengthen relationship with existing partners and improve its visibility.

2. Clean Cooking Energy Expo & Conference – A two-day Clean Cooking Expo & Conference was planned to strengthen the supply chain for clean cooking energy solutions; build an enabling policy landscape; create demand for cleaner fuels and stoves; and bring the clean cooking industry value chain together. About 120 practitioners in the clean cookstoves sector in Nigeria participated in this event.

3. Support to EU project in Katsina State– The Alliance will provide support to clean cookstoves pilot project in Katsina state. The Katsina State project is being implemented in collaboration with the EU and seeks to disseminate at least 35,000 fuelwood reduction stoves by 2018.

4. At least 15 Enterprises strengthened through boost programme: A local trainer will organise in-country boost workshop to train at least 15 entrepreneurs of improved and clean cookstoves to learn business fundamentals, improve their strategic thinking and articulate a business plan.

5. 1 new ambassador to be recruited – One influential ambassador will be recruited to join the awareness campaign. The Nigerian movie and sports industry have a good number of actors with wide following across the country. The Nigerian Alliance will identify five of them and shortlist one that will join the campaign in Q4 of 2015.

6. 2 companies to partner with NACC to co-brand – The Alliance will approach potential private sector organisations who are willing to champion clean cooking in Nigeria.

7. Engage the private sector to provide CSR resources to support energy access for those at the BoP – Private sector such as Indomie noodles, Nestle Nigeria and Dangote Group will be approached to provide CSR for those at the BoP.

8. 10 million people reached through awareness campaigns – Promotional and awareness campaigns to convince households and institutions to adopt clean cookstoves will be launched in Q4 2015.